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Description:I’m Rick Binette and I live in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. My good friend, John Bruce, gave me your website information. I am a family doctor who likes to play hockey. I am the manager of a team called “the Quacks “, a group of medical doctors who play hockey during the winter.
Over the last 10 years, our team has started to travel the world to play our favourite sport. We went to Italy (Venice) in 2004, Austria/Slovakia in 2006, France( Paris) in 2008, Spain(Barcelona) in 2010 and Czech Republic( Prague) in 2012. We had truly exceptional experiences during our visits. We have been amazed by the beauty of the countries we have visited and the unique human experience which occurs when playing hockey with people from another country.
We are planning to travel to Berlin from March 7 to March 16,2014 and we are hoping to be able to play 3 games with local “Oldtimers” teams while we are there.
We plan to visit and enjoy Berlin as we have heard so many good things about it.
Our group consists generally of about 40 people. 15-16 of us play hockey while the rest of the group is made up of our wives, children and friends. The age of our hockey players ranges from16 to 65 years old (most of us are between 40-55, with a few of our teenage children playing on the team as well). Our games are always very friendly, but we do enjoy good competition. Our caliber is not strong, but we do have a few very good players and an outstanding goaltender.
We always enjoy the cultural diversity of the areas we visit. Although we look forward the hockey aspect of our trips, we look for regions with other sources of interest for our wives and families.
I grew up in the French part of Canada called Quebec, but have lived in English speaking Ontario for 30 years. I am bilingual, but unfortunately, only with English and French. My German is very poor.
We would like to hear back from your organization to see if we can arrange a match or matches.
Contact person:Rick Binette
Address:2007 Campbell Avenue
Cavan Monaghan
Ontario, Canada
K9J 0E5